• Recharge to stem arsenic

    Ground water resources in south Kolkata will have to be recharged to limit their depletion and stem the threat of arsenic contamination. Mr Nandagopal Bhattacharya, the minister for water

  • Anti-polio campaign launched in Landi Kotal

    After strenuous efforts made by the provincial health authorities, the EPI staff successfully launched an anti-polio campaign in some localities of tehsil Landi Kotal in Khyber Agency where the

  • Framework for malaria warning system designed

    A framework for malaria early warning system (MEWS) has been designed to predict the outbreak of the deadly disease at an early possible stage. This was stated Pakistan Minister for Health Mohammad

  • Artificial heart muscle tested

    Researchers are developing a "heart blanket" which could give patients with heart disease a better quality of life. The aim is to be able to give under performing hearts an extra boost as and when

  • Family Health Officers fight shy of immunization

    The Family Health Officers (FHOs) have decided to pull out of the Measles Catch-up Immunization programme which began on Monday and concludes in October, as a form of trade union protest. The

  • Rights of patients over patents

    The Third World got a life saving blood transfusion over the weekend when the World Trade Organisation finally agreed to give billions of people regular access to good quality drugs at affordable

  • Indians prone to cardiac attacks: WHO

    Over 40% of heart attacks occur in people without any previous cardiac complain, noted cardiac surgeon Dr Ashwin B Mehta said. Dr Mehta added that most of these people remain unaware of the impending

  • SARS virus linked to animals

    The virus that infects humans with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is slightly different from one found in wild animals sold in China for food, but close enough to suggest the disease jumped from

  • U.N. envoys defy smoking ban

    A diplomatic confrontation between American authorities and much of the rest of the world intensified as senior officials at the United Nations insisted on their right to smoke in the organisation's

  • Junk food: Quick route to diabetes

    Calories from Junk food when not burned lead to a state of being overweight or even obese. And the net result is the environment abetting the genes leading to an onset of diabetes even at an early

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