Kala Azar

  • How did it get so bad?

    How did it get so bad?

    Ostrich policy and bad science. In Bihar, embankments built by government to prevent floods have been counter productive

  • Kala azar: inheritance of the meek

    Kala azar: inheritance of the meek

    In a degraded environment rife with germs of disease, the poor are always the hardest hit, and kala-azar is no exception. Satnarayan Chaudhary of village Khakharwa of district Begusarai waits

  • Epidemic resurfaces

    MORE THAN 40 people have died of kala-azar and 120-odd people have been infected in Mahottari district of Nepal, close to the Indo-Nepal border, reports Jan Sarma for Panos Features. A shortage of

  • Killer within the bug

    Killer within the bug

    Vaccine developed against kala azar

  • Conquering kala azar

    thanks to a new drug formulation, the treatment of kala azar ( leishmaniasis ) and some fungal infections may become quicker, safer and more effective. This drug will be made for the

  • Black fever afflicts 22 persons in State

    In all, 22 persons have been found suffering from black fever in the State and the disease has been dealt with utmost care and hence has not spread beyond Chapaidong locality of Panikhaiti area in the city. Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated this in the State Assembly today. The Minister was replying to a motion moved by Dr Aditya Langthasa (AUDF) during the Zero Hour. He also expressed the apprehension that the re-appearance of the disease might have some links with the migrant labours from North Indian states like Bihar. The outbreak of the disease in Chapaidong locality was reported on February 13 last and the patients were taken to the Gauhati Medical College Hospital on February 14 and 15. But they fled the hospital when they were told that bone marrow substance test was needed to be conducted on them to confirm the type of their fever, he said. However, with the help of the test kits brought by a team of doctors from the Assam Medical College (AMC) the type of the fever could be determined. Black fever was found afflicting 13 of the 19 patients tested for confirmation. By this time, another team of doctors from Patna also arrived in the city, said the minister. Following this, mosquito nets were distributed and DDT also sprayed in the locality. Injections have been administered to the affected people and doctors with vans have also been deployed in the area for treating the patients. The Health Department has by now procured the test kits The doctors from Patna have also expressed satisfaction over the measures taken by the State Health Department to tackle the situation, he said. The Minister said that new areas were seemed to be vulnerable to diseases, which were eradicated in the State long back. This is may have some links with the people migrating to the State from other parts of the region and country. For, black fever and polio were eradicated from the State long back. But outbreak of these diseases has now been reported from some parts of the State. Recently two cases of polio were reported from Karimganj district. Even malaria, which was brought under control in the State resurfaced with 50 of the State's people who went to the neighbouring states to work as miners returning diseased and they died of the disease. In the case of black fever also, it is feared that the sand fly might have come to Chapaidong locality with the seasonal labours coming from Bihar, he said. State Government is making communications with the Governments of the neighbouring states on matters related to malaria and directed the Health Department to keep strict vigilance on the areas where the habitations of the seasonal labours are located, the minister said.

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