• Taken to task

    the ministry of environment and forests ( m o ef ) has come under attack from a parliamentary standing committee which has criticised its handling of Project Elephant. The committee noted



    A series of elephant killings has exposed the lack of adequate measures for protecting wildlife at the Amboseli National Park which borders Tanzania. The latest victim was discovered less than 1.6 km

  • Pachyderm policies

    Pachyderm policies

    Indian and Kenyan elephant specialists recently exchanged views on controlling a common problem: man elephant conflicts

  • Tusker's tragedy

    IVORY smugglers are having a field day in the famed Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, despite the ban on ivory trade. Poachers are on an elephant killing spree, while park


    Elephants in Thailand were recently treated to a jumbo feast at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang, 535 km north of Bangkok. It was an elephantine version of the Thai tradition of Thai



    While conservationists across the world are raising an alarm over depleting numbers of elephants, wildlife managers in South Africa's Kruger National Park are trying to check its jumbo


    • The Andhra Pradesh government announced a Rs 1,630 crore afforestation programme on January 30, on degraded land over the next five years. The programme would cover an area of 7.43 lakh



    State-of-the-art technology may save Asian wildlife: satellite tracking was introduced in the continent to prove this point. Recently, an electronic microchip was attached to a radio

  • WWF


    Massive reductions in African government conservation and law enforcement efforts could leave African elephants seriously endangered, warns a major field study recently released by World Wide Fund

  • Elephants pit

    Elephants pit

    Scientist R SUKUMAR of the Centre for Ecological Studies, Bangalore, says that DTE correspondent Anju Sharma was slipshod in her homework on elephants

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