• WB sanctions Rs 650 cr for forest development

    Impressed by the forest development programmes implemented with the World Bank funds in the first phase, the World Bank has sanctioned Rs 650 crore for implementation of the community forest

  • 60,000 khair trees face axe

    Nearly 60,000 khair trees valued at nearly Rs 8 crore in Mirzapur forest along the Shivalik foothills in Kharar tehsil of Ropar district of Punjab may be put to the axe following a controversial

  • Felling order 'legal'

    Mr Lachhman Singh, well known forest contractor and former MP defended an order issued by the Punjab government permitting him to undertake fresh felling of trees in Mirzapur forest. In a statement

  • Rise in timber smuggling in Gaighat

    The dense forest areas of Gaighat, particularly in Basaha, Tapeshwari and Beltar are being depleted in the absence of forest patrolling. Around a dozen of trees are felled daily and the timber is

  • Forest fire in Goodrickal range

    A vast area of evergreen forest has already been destroyed and more area is under the threat of destruction in the forest fire in the eighth block of Vilakku plantation in Goodrickal forest range in

  • President asks people to plant trees

    Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has asked the citizens to plant maximum number of trees on the occasion of spring tree plantation campaign 2003. In a message on the occasion of the

  • Centre's help sought on saw mills' issue

    The Rajasthan Government has sought the support of the Ministry for Environment and Forests for getting licenses for 4000 odd unregistered saw mills in the State from the Central Empowered Committee.

  • NGO to save drying Asiad Village trees

    Trees, which have their base concretized, in the Asiad Village complex are dying slow death. A local environment group, Vatavaran, has taken upon itself the task to save these trees. Vatavaran's head

  • Drive against timber smugglers

    The Forest Protection Force, Jammu has launched a vigorous drive against timber smugglers to protect the green wealth of the state.As a result, the department seized 33 quintals of firewood, 17 logs

  • Managed forests double in four years

    The forest area under joint management of government and local communities has doubled from 7 million hectares in 1998 to 14 million hectares in 2002. This was stated by Union Minister for

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