Tests back fired?

THE French have never had it so bad. Roundly criticised for having gone ahead with the nuclear testing inspile of a barrage of criticisms from most countries, they are now being for blamed for the violent eruption of Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand.

The eruption which started on September 25, could have occured because of the French and Chinese nuclear tests, alleges Eoin Cameron, a liberal party member in Australia. The 180 nuclear detonations carried out by France in South Pacific in the last 30 years must have had an effect on the earth's crust, reasons Cameron. The recent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in Montserrat could also have occured due to the underground tests.

But seismologists immediately denounced this theory saying that earthquakes and volcanoes are the work of nature. Further, the far-off island of Indonesia too suffered an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale recently.

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