New motorbike technology bids goodbye to the carburettor

New motorbike technology bids goodbye to the carburettor when the world is bidding for low emissions and high efficiency, any technology that does away with the carburettor in a two-wheeler is definitely going to rule the industry.

On June 26, Hero Honda, for the first time in India, launched the fuel injection (fi) technology in two-wheelers under the brand name Glamour fi. The motorcycle does not have a carburettor. Instead, fuel is directly delivered to the pre-combustion chamber with the help of a fuel injector. Experts say the process reduces emissions significantly and improves fuel efficiency.

"Till now, the technology has been used only in cars; it is for the first time that Hero Honda, with the help of Honda Motors Company, has introduced it in two-wheelers,' says Brijmohan Lall, the chairperson of Hero Honda Motors. The launch is a significant development in the Indian two-wheeler market, given that the pricing of Glamour FI and Glamour carburettor are highly competitive.

The industry, however, is unfazed by this move of Hero Honda. Because, most of the Indian two-wheeler manufacturers, like the Bajaj Auto, tvs Motors and Yamaha Motors, are already prepared with the technology; it is only a matter of time before they formally launch the two-wheelers. On the very day Hero Honda announced the launch of Glamour fi, Bajaj Auto came out with advertisements in leading dailies announcing the impending launch of its