Smog in the office

 Smog in the office smog in the office has not been on the agenda of environmentalists. But, in fact it might be causing some severe health problems. Modern office machines such as fax, photocopiers, and printers, can create ozone, which reacts with various commonly-found chemicals to produce volatile organic compounds ( voc s). These agents are found in automobile exhausts and help create photochemical smog (a smog formed when a plethora of pollutants react in the presence of light and affect the upper respiratory tract of commuters). Inside offices, these are much more dangerous.

Deodorants and perfumes widely used by office staff also contribute to the problem. An expensive perfume may contain as many as 100 different organic ingredients, all of which gradually evaporate. Also, there are solvents from recently dry-cleaned clothes, paint-work on office walls, and from the glue that keeps comfortable padded chairs together. The powerful adhesives that hold down floor tiles and the stains that make desks look like mahogany, all contribute to the creation of an

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