Clandestine exercise

North Korea has finally acknowledged having a secret nuclear arms programme involving enriched uranium. The plan is in violation of the 1994 Agreed Framework deal under which the Communist state had promised to freeze its nuclear arms totally. It was supposed to eventually dismantle its nuclear programme in exchange for us help in building two light water nuclear reactors. But North Korea is unrepentant. It maintains that the us has failed to follow through with promised economic benefits meant to compensate Pyongyang for its decision to halt nuclear research.

The revelation has led to the us decision to scrap the 1994 accord.The us administration plans to caution North Korea of dire consequences if it tries to remove nuclear material now stored under international supervision at Yongbyon. us officials visited Beijing and asked China to convey this warning. us President George Bush has already grouped North Korea with Iran and Iraq in an "axis of evil'

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