India`s latest supercomputer

India`s latest supercomputer The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) at Pune recently unveiled its state-of-the-art Param-9000 parallel supercomputer. This machine is the latest to join C-DAC's celebrated Param family which includes the Param Campus, Param-8000 and Param-8600.

With the launch of this new machine at the Supercomputing '94 exhibition in Washington, C-DAC has broken new ground in the open supercomputing system. The new machine is extremely versatile and flexible. Says C-DAC executive director Vijay P Bhatkar, "No longer will users be constrained by specific processors, proprietary operating systems or inflexible architectures." The computer users can design, develop and integrate specific processors relevant to the applications required, like video and graphics.

Param-9000 allows the users a wide choice to plug the existing workstations to a cluster of workstations or as individual workstations.

---Chandragupta B Amritkar is a freelance science writer.

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