COMPUTERESE IN CHINESE: When in China, turn Chinese. The US- based Microsoft Corp seems to have no qualms about following this strategy. It has just set Chineselanguage standards for its much- vaunted operatint system Windows 95 being sold in Beijing. Microsoft has signed a pact with two units of China's electronics industry min- istry - the state technology supervision administration and department of computer informalisation. The retail price of this version is expected to be 10-15 per cent higher than the US $100 price being offered in the US market.

GOING GREEN: The Kakinada-based Nagarjuns Fertilisers, and Chemicals Limited (NFCL) has created a green belt I lan in width to the west of its project site in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The company has planted a total of 2 Jakh saplings consisting of 137 species in an expanse of 667 ha. This is the NFCL's way of 4cknowledging the bounty bestowed uopn us by nature, says V V Kumar, general manager. The green belt also abounds in animal life representing almost a mini-zoo. An aviary for birds and a fruit orchard have also been developed. Treated effluent is being used for irrigating the green belt, Cultivated at a cost of Its 1,638.15 lakhs.

LEARN WHILE YOU WASH: Become cyberspace-literate as you do your washing... this is the message that Bubbles laun- derette at Priargate, Derby, in Britain, conveys to its clients. Customers at Bubbles would be shown how to access the worldwide cyberapace web while their clothes are being churned in the washing machines. Free calls and tuitions will be provided to them by the Derby University.

COURTING COTTON: Maikaal Fibres Limited, whose cotton toamlfaCtUrIng plant is located in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, is increasing its output of bio-cotton in 1995-1996, to nearly 500 tonnes. Apart from shoring up Maikaal's green credentials, the manufacture of bio-cotton makes sound business sense. Explains Mrigendra Jalan, copromoter and managing director of the company: " Bio-catton refers to cotton that is grown without the use of any artificial insecticides or pesticides. There are price premia to be earned by selling bio-cotton to the right customers."

GREEN REFRIGERATOR: Come April 1996, and India will get its first too per cent CFC-free refrigerator, courtesy the Hyderabad-based Allwyn group. Giving details of the project, S N Tripathi, chief executive of Allwyn, said that the non-CFC refrigerators would incorporate German technology. While other companies manufactored fridges with non-CFC compressors only, some 400 gin of CFC was retained for insulation. Allwyn, however, would replace the CFC in both the compressors and insulation with non-CFC substances.

RICE OF FAME: The Delhi-based Proagro Seeds Company has broken new ground with its hybrid rice variety called 'Hybrid Rice 6201'. The rice yields will now he 20 to 25 per cent more than the present varieties. Compared to six tonnes per ha of ordinary hybrid variety rice, Proagro's new variety will yield eight tonnes per ha. Hybrid Rice International, a new company founded by Proagro with Japan Tobacco Inc, Japan Asia Investment Corporation and Nippon Hybrid Rice International as partners, will undertake further research to develop, produce and market the hybrid variety of rice.

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