Que sera sera

  • 30/05/1995

In 1930, Iddu, a major volcano, erupted on Stromboli island in Italy. In 1951, a film was shot on the devastation wrought on islanders. Shot by director Roberto Rosselini. the film turned out to be a disaster. Today, Stromboli, surrounded by the Mediterranean blue and with its incredibly beautiful beaches, has become a tourist attraction. For tourists relaxing on the patios of plush holiday homes. an extra touch is added by the excitement of living on a volcano that can blow without warning. Local residents also bask in its beauty and do not fear the volcano. According to them. "What is to happen will happen. There is no point worrying about it in the here and now."

On the other side of the crater is a smaller and far more primitive village of Ginostra, listed as the world's tiniest port. The residents have refused to use electricity and stick to muleback transport.

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