Planning to take a vacation? This colourful website provides a guide to wildlife and adventure tourism in India. Started by a team of travel professionals and nature photographers, it provides information on destinations, including wildlife and adventure tours, birding, angling and cultural tours, besides trekking and adventure sports in India with suggested travel itineraries.

It includes a nature photo gallery with a guide to wildlife photography and information on conservation and wildlife protection.

This site provides information on a unique environmental expedition to clean up the Himalayas. A team of people will begin the climb on Mount Everest in 2003, not to achieve any records but clean the delicate alpine environment of non-degradable wastes, which shall be deposited in Kathmandu for recycling and reuse.

The expedition plans to collect about 1500 kilograms of debris in a worldwide effort to reduce the thousands of kilos of waste left on this crowded mountaineering area. Also includes information on the Himalayan environment, the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal and Sherpa culture.