Television had promised rain

  • 14/10/2002

Part I: Untapped data
Part II: Lessons learnt

How long have you been driving an auto in Ahmedabad?
Just about a fortnight now. I came about 25 days ago from Lucknow.

You live in Lucknow city?
No. Who lives in the cities? People come to the cities to work, not to live. I am from Dadara Bhadod, a village close to Lucknow. It is in district Sultanpur. You wouldn't know the place so I mentioned Lucknow instead.

What made you leave the village and come so far?
The monsoon failed in Uttar Pradesh. Things were getting bad in the village. There was no work and nothing could be sowed. We waited for a while, hoping it might rain. It didn't. Finally somebody from the family had to go out and earn some money. I am the only son in the family, and it fell upon me.

Your family

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