jumbo fighters: Tiny bugs would no longer trouble jumbo jets. If undetected, microbes in aviation fuel harm the planes' instruments and even eat through the wings. They also produce misleading readings in fuel gauges. Now, Cardiff-based ECHA Microbiology has developed an industry-standard test for the pests, which lets non-microbiologists check oils, fuels and process water for microbial fouling, spoilage and corrosion.

dna gifts: Want to buy your friend a unique gift? Why not give her/him gifts bearing patterns of their DNA. And that's exactly what England-based company, Complement Genomics, has to offer. Customers have to just provide the company with some sputum cells. The company extracts DNA from the cells and analyses it to provide the basis for a DNA pattern, which resemble the DNA codes seen in fingerprints taken for forensic examination.

what a find: Archaeologists have uncovered a 500-year-old ostrich egg covered with quotations from the Koran and poetry, which describes a soul's journey from death to life. The egg was found in the Red Sea port of Quseir, Egypt.

wild definition: Researchers have rephrased their definition of a

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