MDG on reducing biodiversity loss and the CBDs 2010 target

This paper attempts to verify the hypotheses that there is a greater likelihood that initiatives under the CBD process to achieve the 2010 target are more tangible than at the MDG level; that there is a need to link the targets and indicators of the 2010 commitments of the CBD with those of the MDGs; and that the MDGs can use the programme of work under the CBD as an interim indicator of successful national implementation in relation to sustainable development, not just with respect to measuring progress on Goal 7 on environmental sustainability, but for other Goals as well. In order to further investigate these assumptions, the first and second sections of the paper will provide a background and a blueprint of the current state of MDGs and the 2010 target in general. The third section will focus on synergies and potential for aligning the achievements of the MDGs and the 2010 target, and the likely trade-offs. The fourth section compares the goals, targets and indicators set under each of these frameworks and reverts back to the main hypothesis of the paper. The fifth and sixth sections further advance the debate by stressing the methods of using the indicators and highlighting prospects for attaining the MDGs and the 2010 sub-targets. Finally, the last section identifies some policy actions for dealing with challenges that lies ahead.