Out on a limb

  • 30/07/2008

21 February, 2006: Anti-POSCO groups demonstrate against the visit of the then Panchayati Raj Minister, Dr Damodar Rout
8 December, 2006: Anti-POSCO convention held at Balitutha
February, 2007: Polling for panchayat elections could not be held on some booths in Dhinkia following protests
13 October, 2007: Four POSCO-India executives taken hostage and beaten up
29 November, 2007: Pro and anti-POSCO activists clash at Balitutha Bridge. At least 20 sustain injuries
1 April, 2008: Anti-POSCO agitators hold rally at Balitutha bridge violating prohibitory orders under Sec 144
14 May, 2008: Anti-POSCO group hurled bombs at Pro-POSCO men in Govindpur.The anti-group chopped off the palm of a POSCO supporter, Natabar Khuntia
27 May, 2006: Anti-POSCO villagers bar officials" entry into the area by erecting gates
22 June, 2006: Anti-POSCO agitators under the banner of POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti from Dhinkia, Gadakujanga and Nuagaon observe "Black Day"
17 March, 2007: Anti-POSCO group"s lathi rally in the project area
12 May, 2007: Three POSCO officials detained by anti-POSCO agitators in Govindpur village
23 November, 2007: Seven workers of a dredging company beaten up and detained as they were suspected to be working for POSCO

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