Rehabilitation and resettlement plan of Sainj hydro electric project

Sainj Hydro Electric project would require land some of which is being acquired form private persons. The construction of the project will also involve under ground works, transportation of large quantities of material, more than usual activity in the area and therefore, all this is likely to have an impact on the lives of people living in the area. H.P. Power Corporation Limited would like to improve the life of people living in the area besides mitigating any hardships that may arise due to the construction of the project. A scheme for Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the persons affected on this account has been prepared. This has been prepared by taking into consideration the R&R Policy notified by Govt. of HP vide notification No Rev(PD)F(5)-1/1999dated 27-4-06 National Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy 2007 and National Hydro Policy 2008.