Analysis of technology transfer in CDM projects

Analysis of technology transfer in CDM projects This report contains the results of a study analyzing the transfer of technology under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. It contains an analysis of information on: technology transfer used in CDM projects; technology transfer by project type; technology transfer by host country; technology supplier versus buyer participants; the origin of the technology; technology transfer versus technology needs, as submitted by project participants in their project design documents; capital investment; and trend analysis/comparison from the 2007 study. The report analyzes the claims of technology transfer made by project participants in the project design documents for 3296 registered and proposed CDM projects. It finds that roughly 36% of the projects claim to involve technology transfer, which accounts for 59% of the estimated annual emission reductions, indicating that projects claiming technology transfer are, on average, substantially larger than those that make no technology transfer claim. It also finds that about 30% of unilateral projects, 40% of projects with foreign participants and 30% of small-scale projects claim technology transfer, as compared to 36% of all projects. The study concludes that technology transfer is more common for larger projects.

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