The UN has urged governments to promote sales of technology to control pollution, in a series of studies commissioned by the UN Development Programme (UNDP). One of the studies underlines the need to spread information about investment opportunities in the environmental field and better enforcement of environmental laws. Another of the studies urges the setting up of an International Bank of Environmental Settlements to provide funds for environmental improvements to poorer countries. According to UNDP estimates, by the year 2000, around US $500 billion a year will be spent on pollution-control goods and services.

Small Island Developing States Network, a global information networking programme was recently announced by the UNDP to facilitate exchange of information on sustainable development and environment. This is a follow-up of the 1994 Conference on Small Island Developing States in Barbados.The programme could benefit as many as 43 small island countries by training them to take part in the Internet programme. Small island nations face a range of environmental and resource problems such as the threat of rising sea levels, declining water tables, increasing pollution and energy limitations.

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