Recovery of better quality reusable salt from soak liquor of tanneries in solar evaporation pans

The segregation, collection and disposal of saline wastewater streams into solar evaporation are practiced in tanneries to minimize the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)and Chlorides in the treated effluent and to protect the environment. The wastewater generated from the soaking operation contains soluble proteins such as albumin & globulin and suspended matters like dirt dung and blood in addition to salt. In conventional solar evaporation pans there is no physico-chemical treatment provision and the suspended solids settle down in the pans and affect the evaporation rate. In addition to that, the salt obtained in the pans is highly contaminated for reuse and the purpose for which the solar evaporation pans installed are not served fully. In order to obtain better quality salt in solar evaporation pans, the Central Board took up a study on