• 29/09/2001

India Today, August 20, 2001: "Though data on emission from various fuels vary widely, depending on the sources, the ultra low sulphur diesel (ulsd , also called Euro III) compares reasonably well with cng when fitted with a special filtering device. cng , as compared to ulsd , to be brought in by 2004-5 emits more carbon oxide, less nitrogen oxide and marginally higher particulate matter.' (The article cites a chart from a teri report in which ulsd has been defined as 0.05 per cent sulphur diesel).

Fact: Euro III diesel is not ulsd . It is 350 ppm sulphur diesel which cannot take a filtering device. 0.05 per cent sulphur diesel is not ulsd either. It is 500 ppm diesel which also cannot take a filtering device and is already being sold in Delhi. Interestingly, India Today , in its earlier report of April 16, 2001, says, " ulsd is diesel that has a sulphur content of just 0.005 per cent (or 50 ppm).' But in just four months it forgot its earlier numbers.

l Hindustan Times , August 10, 2001 (editorial): " is painfully clear that while the Supreme Court had the right instinct about making Delhi's air clean, it did not seriously look at the availability of cng ... it obliged the city to switch to a single fuel mode

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