Hydrological impact study of Tipaimukh dam of India on Bangladesh

The main objective of this study can be asserted as to assess the probable impacts, which are likely to be happened due to the operation of proposed Tipaimukh Hydro Electric Dam (Multipurpose) Project of India by storing, regulating, withdrawal or diversion of the Barak River flow on the northeast region of Bangladesh. The specific objectives are: Assessment of the most probable hydrological change that may happen in the Barak-Surma-Kushiyara river system during Tipaimukh Dam operation scenario; Investigation on how the changed hydrology would influence the natural and usual inundation pattern of floodplain and wetland (haors) of the northeast region of Bangladesh and its effects on the riverine ecosystem; Qualitative assessment of the probable impacts of Tipaimukh Dam Project on the morphology of the Surma-Kushiyara river system; and An investigation on the potential threat of dam break and its consequences on the downstream.

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