Biofuels and invasives: managing the invasive risk of biofuel production

This paper summarises the proceedings of the first IUCN Workshop on Biofuels and Invasive Species, held in Nairobi on the 20th-22nd April 2009. The workshop was a first step to including invasive species issues into the wider Managing Biodiversity Risks of Biofuels project and focused on avoiding, mitigating and managing the risks of invasion posed by commercial scale biofuel developments in Africa. The workshop convened experts from regional governments, plant protection organisations, research institutions, NGOs and the private sector to identify risks along the biofuel production and supply chain and weaknesses with current regulations. The workshop was used to develop a framework for guidelines for the prevention and management of invasion related to biofuels developments. It is hoped that the guidelines will be adopted by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) and others in the future.