Yet to be notified

Government has been dithering over implementing the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. Though the rules under the Act are yet to be framed, the legislation has undergone several amendments.

The Act covers all packaged and processed food, infant food, packaged drinking water, alcoholic drink, chewing gum, irradiated and genetically modified food, organic food, health food and proprietary food.

The Act specifies certain food items like irradiated food, GM food, organic food, health food and proprietary food cannot be manufactured, processed or sold without adhering to regulations.

Statutory warning

In Britain, energy drinks have to carry a warning against its consumption by pregnant women and children.

European Union"s 2002 directive says all drinks having caffeine, except tea and coffee, above 150 ppm must state high caffeine content on their label.

Some schools have banned energy drinks. In June 2007, Chatsmore Catholic High School in West Sussex, South England banned it after noticing "inappropriate behaviour" among students.

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