What are energy drinks?

Advertisements claim energy drinks boost physical activity and alertness.

This is achieved by mixing caffeine with vitamins and herbs.

Cloud 9 energy drink contains natural energy boosters, guarana (rich natural source of caffeine), ginseng, taurine, pomegranate and vitamin B.

Who created it?

A Thai businessman, Chaleo Voovidhya, is reported to have created the first branded energy drink, Krating Daeng (meaning red bull), in 1962.

An Austrian, Dietrich Mateschitzand, popularized it across Europe and US in the 1980s through his company, Red Bull Gmbh.

Mateschitzand who visited Thailand in 1982 was impressed by the efficacy of the drink as it helped him overcome jetlag. He set up the company in collaboration with Voovidhya.

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