MEXICO Strange creatures are on the prowl in Mexico, attacking goats, lambs, roosters and even humans in the night. The attackers drain the blood of their victims leaving large fang marks on the animals' necks as an evidence of the attack. A farm worker in the western state of Jalisco who was apparently attacked by the goat-sucker" described it as a beast standing three feet tall with a huge snout and dark, velvety skin. Besides, it had fangs of a vampire, the wings of a bat and looks like something extraterrestrial. Sightings of this beast have been reported from all over Mexico. The mysterious beast has so far eluded attempts to capture or photograph it. The state of Sinaloa sent a zoological task force to the field to find the strange animal.

The government report has ruled out the existence of such a creature and offered some explanations. The report says that such cases are a fairly common occurrence of wild dogs or wolves attacking farm animals. Some veterinarians who studied some of the dead animals, found that the body tissues around the fang marks contained no blood while lot of blood still remained in other parts of the dead bodies. Yet, these theories have not deterred other reports citing close encounters with the goat-sucker.

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