Energy statistics in Asia and the Pacific

The Energy Statistics in Asia and the Pacific (1990-2006) is a compilation of energy production, trade, transformation and consumption of the regional members of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Asia and the Pacific. Data show that despite having 56% of the world's population, the Asia and Pacific region produced only 35% of the world's GDP and consumed 34% of the world's total primary energy supply in 2006. The region imported 16% of its total energy requirements during the same year and depended from outside the region for 63% of its total oil requirements. The region though could be said to be self-sufficient in coal and natural gas during the same year. The Energy Statistics is the first publication that attempted to consolidate energy statistics of the 48 ADB regional members in Asia and the Pacific. The energy data are presented in a common format which facilitates comparison among ADB regional members. The Energy Statistics provides insights on the recent energy situation of the region and provides a wealth of information for stakeholders inside and outside the region to chart their future course of action in planning for energy investment, inclusive and sustainable development and poverty alleviation. This publication was also used as the basis in the preparation of the energy demand outlook in the region to 2030.

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