Bt cotton hybrids evaluation report (2008-09): North Zone

The technical programme for evaluation of the Bt cotton hybrids through ICAR trials during 2008-09 was formulated under the Chairmanship of the Assistant Director General (Commercial Crops), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi for the four events which have been approved for commercial cultivation by GEAC (Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India). The programme was discussed at the All India Coordinated Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) Annual Group Meeting held at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana on April 10th 2008. Accordingly, 39 Bt cotton hybrids belonging to private sector R & D firms as mentioned below were evaluated along with Bt cotton hybrid checks (RCH 134 BG I and BG II), Non Bt check hybrid (CSHH 198) and local check variety (LH 2076 for Punjab and H 1226 for Haryana state).