Bt cotton in India: a status report

Bt cotton in India: a status report This latest report by Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology provides updated statistics on Bt-cotton and highlights newer issues related to technology, production, economic, social and environmental impacts of Bt cotton in India.
The first Status Report on Bt Cotton in India was published in 2006, when 40 Bt hybrids were being cultivated on an area of 1.26 million hectares. Besides tracing the development of Bt hybrids and their adoption by Indian farmers, the report highlighted issues that needed to be addressed to effectively harness the benefits that Bt technology promised. The report traces the events that led to commercialization of Bt cotton in India, adoption of Bt hybrids in cotton growing zones, performance of commercialized hybrids under experimental and farm managed conditions, and economic benefits realized from the adoption of Bt technology in India. Based on the experiences gained, strategies have been suggested for achieving improved pest resistance in cotton, revised protocols for large-scale field trials, and better economic benefits especially to small and marginal farmers.

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