Training workbook on water safety plans for urban systems

WHO has introduced Water Safety Plan (WSP) in the 3rd Edition of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality to provide a systematic approach for improving and maintaining drinking water safety. This workbook is intended to be used for training within the Region emphasizing a systematic and preventive risk-based approach to avoid drinking water contamination towards prevention of waterborne diseases. The strategy is to use multiple barriers so that if one barrier fails, the water stays safe. The intended users are possibly water supply practitioners at all levels especially water quality managers, operators, regulators, assessors, academics, consultants, NGOs, and international organizations. The objective of this workbook is to serve as a guide to facilitate WSP development for an organized water supply that is managed by a water utility or similar entity. WSPs can be tailored differently for each specific water supply system. Trainers in each country could develop their own WSP training material which would be linked directly to country drinking water standards and implementing guidelines as well as being written in other appropriate languages.