Appraisal of impact assessment of NREGS in selected districts of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana

Under the professional Institutional networking (PIN) of Ministry of Rural Development,United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) sanction Appraisal of impact assessment study, in the three districts namely Sirsa in Haryana, Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh and Hoshiarpur in Punjab. NREGS was started in the first phase in these selected districts. Study has done according to the guidelines of UNDP and ministry of rural development. The objectives of this study are: To identify efficient management practices, procedures, processes, factors, for better performance and generation of positive impact of the scheme; To suggest interventions and strategies for dissemination of those practices and factors that can help to check the shortcomings of this scheme; To help and lend support to the implementing agencies in evolving the design addressing implementation challenges more effectively; To search strategically better approach for strengthening the capacity of selected district in implementing process; To built social capital formation through awareness generation, social mobilization and social audit; To study effectiveness of NREGS in employment generation; To study the effect of fiscal decentralization through NREGA; and To study effectiveness of social auditing. However, main focus of the study is to search better strategically approaches for strengthening the capacity of each three district in implementation process and creation of positive impact on the rural development programmes.