Alarming rise in the number and intensity of extreme point rainfall events over the Indian region under climate change scenario

The rainfall is an important parameter for the well being of around 1000 million people of the Indian regions. However, certain extreme rainfall events occurring in different seasons cause disastrous situation over some parts. In view of this, scanned the daily rainfall data of 165 stations across the region to find out their extreme point rainfall events (highest 24-hour rainfall) and examined whether there is any change in the number and the intensity of such events during past four decades. The study reveals that their number has gone up considerably after 1960 with an alarming rise in the intensity thereafter. It is further noticed that the major cities, hill stations and the islands are affected with a heavy downpour. The conspicuous feature is that from the mid 90s, the regional as well as the world records were established over this part of the globe on different time scales. It is conjectured that these events may be associated with the global and the regional warming under the climate change scenario. In the event of their continuation, there would be severe impact on societal and environmental issues warranting appropriate precautionary measures in near future to safeguard the interest of the vast population of this region.

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