Monitoring systems for incentive programs: learning from large-scale rural sanitation initiatives in India

Following the experience of the NGP - a one-time reward exclusively focused on motivating rural sanitation achievement, and the sanitation reward programs introduced by selected states in scaling up the rural sanitation program, many other Indian states have introduced incentive programs to motivate and reward achievements in rural sanitation by local governments. Effective monitoring is the backbone of a successful incentive program. This ensures that only those local governments that actual ly deserve the award are recognized, maintaining the integrity and prestige of the awards program as a whole. This guidance note describes two such monitoring systems operational in India for verification of ODF status of a local government. The first is the verification system for the national award or NGP model, and the second is the state sanitation award model. This note explains the process followed (preverification, during verification and post-verification), results achieved, and lessons learnt.

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