In an attempt to document lead levels in the blood of the people living in Delhi, the Central Pollution Control Board and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in collaboration with the George Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology is launching a project, "Lead pollution and health in Delhi', from December 1997 to 1998.

The Delhi government will soon set up a 24-hour interactive voice response system to provide information and counseling about AIDS over the telephone.

The Delhi government has been asked by the Delhi High Court as to what steps were being taken to check the spread of Tuberculosis (TB) in the capital. The court said that it was concerned with the report that "every person suffering fro TB on an average infects 10 out of 15 persons a year'.

About 280 textile units in located at Danilimda, Behrampura and Chandola areas of Gujarat have been closed as per a directive of the Gujarat High Court. The court had ordered the disconnection of power supply to these units as they had failed to make provision for pollutant water discharge.

Four people were killed and seven others hospitalised when a gas leak in a pharmaceutical unit near Mysore on December 16. It is reported that the tragedy occurred while carbon mezetine was being processed in the drug unit.

The Haryana government has closed 31 industrial units for non-compliance of the Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989. A spokesperson for the government said that two special environment courts had been set up at Faridabad and Hisar to exclusively deal with cases relating with environment.

The Mathura Refinery which received the "National Energy Conservation Award' for the second successive year, plans to bring down the energy consumption and hydrocarbon loss through the installation of a second gas turbine.

A project to produce electricity from municipal solid waste has been launched by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

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