Bluebull menace

Bluebull menace the rapid increase in the population of bluebulls ( nilgai) in Rajasthan is a cause of concern to farmers and legislators alike. Complaints of bluebulls destroying crops have forced the legislators to think of excluding the animal from Schedule 3 of the Wildlife Protection Act, which prohibits killing of bluebulls. The issue was raised in the state Assembly by the minister of state for forests, Bhagraj Choudhary. He said that the government was contemplating inclusion of bluebulls in Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Protection Act, which does not prohibit killing of the animal. Choudhary said that the state government was in touch with the Union government in this regard. "Our efforts in this direction are very serious,' said the forest minister.

Choudhary said a suggestion was made to set up a sanctuary for bluebulls. The government was also planning to issue licences to forests, the police and revenue officials to kill the animals which were creating menace. In 1996, the state government had authorised forest officials in Jaipur districts to give directions regarding the killing of the animals when it damaged crops.