Hydrology project

Hydrology project  india is facing an acute water shortage, and various attempts are being made to overcome the problem. One such effort was made by the government of India when it set up a Hydrology Project in 1996. To support the project the World Bank made available a loan of us $162 million and the government of Netherlands gave a credit of us $17 million to assist the project with consultancy services. The main objective of the project was to set up a Hydrology Information System ( his ) throughout peninsular India that can supply detailed and comparable data on important water resources.

The project aims to fulfil this objective by developing comprehensive, easily accessible and user-friendly databases covering all aspects of the hydrological cycle (quality and quantity) in the domain of surface water, groundwater and climatic measurements, particularly rainfall. This means installing water monitoring equipment to measure rainfall, the quantity that flows into the seas, rivers, lakes and into the groundwater and to check the quality of these water resources.

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