Fishy ban

the Kerala government has banned the operation of fishing trawlers in the Arabian coast. The ban has become effective for 45 days starting from June 1, 1998. However, the fishermen have expressed dissatisfaction with the ban period and has demanded to extend the prohibition period. They have planned to demonstrate before the government offices against the present decision.

The Kerala government has taken this step at a time when fish catch from the Arabian Sea in the state has dwindled to a great extent. Monsoon is the spawning season for most of the varieties of fishes in Kerala coast. And over-fishing during this season can kill many fish species and threaten to annihilate many more.

The state government has asked the Centre to prohibit docking of foreign vessels at Kochi port during the ban period after the complaints that these vessels indulge in indiscriminate fishing by cleaning up the sea-bed and destroying generations of fishes.

Meanwhile, the Congress has deci-ded to support the cause of traditional fishermen. The party is now demanding implementation of the Murari Commit-tee report that had recommended total ban on deep sea fishing.

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