Gender, climate change and health

Gender, climate change and health WHO has released this report on gender, climate change and health, which is based on the recognition that the effects of climate on human society, and our ability to mitigate and adapt to them, are mediated by social factors, including gender. Launched at a side event during the Panama Climate Change Conference, the report aims to: provide information about the evidence of differences in health vulnerability and impacts on women and men that are likely to be exacerbated by climate change; promote consideration of the different needs and strengths of women and men in contributing to adaptation and mitigation measures that can help to protect and promote health; and provide a framework to strengthen WHO support to member States in developing health vulnerability and adaptation assessments and climate policy interventions that mainstream gender. In its conclusions, the report calls for: gender-sensitive research to better understand health impacts of climate change; collection, analysis and reporting of gender disaggregated data; and development of gender responsive and accessible health services that reach the poorest populations.

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