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Welcome step THE INDIAN hotel industry churns out a composite mixture of paper, plastics, textiles, metal, glass and leftover food every day. Astonishingly, huge amounts of paper wastage is from sources such as newspapers, bills, computer paper, and toilet and wrapping paper, There are over 500 hotels in Delhi alone ,and they collectively contribute a phenomenal 10 per cent to the plastic waste generated daily in the city. Recognising the problem, the Oberoi Hotel, Delhi, has decided to utilise compact natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel. CNG is used in boilers and all the kitchens of the hotel. The hotel resorted to the use of this fuel about two months ago.

Besides being eco-friendly, the use of this gas has led to nearly 10 per cent cut in the total expenditure. In order to ensure proper use of CNG, lights in rooms automatically turn off when the visitor locks the room from Outside. The hotel has signed an agreement with the Gas Authority of India under which it will supply 3,000 standard cubic metres of gas everyday.

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