Indian chilli is the hottest

indian researchers have recently claimed that the world's hottest variety of chillies, grows in the northeastern hills of Assam and not on the farms of Mexico. "Tests by a team of experts here have confirmed that Naga Jolokia ( Capsicum frutescens ), a speciality from the Northeast, is the world's hottest chilli,' said SC Das, deputy director of the Assam-based Defense Research Laboratory. He added that the Naga Jolokia , is far ahead of the Red Savina Habanero , a Mexican chilli that was thought to be the world's hottest. Das said that the researchers, to measure the spiciness of both the varieties of chilli, had used the Scoville units, the international unit to measure food spiciness. They discovered that the Naga Jolokia measured 855 Scoville units, compared to 577 units of Red Savina Habanero . Naga Jolokia is about two inches long and about half an inch thick. The native people have been eating them for centuries.

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