Land for life: securing our common future

The GEF and UNCCD Secretariats have jointly published a book on sustainable land management (SLM) projects, highlighting the impact of many of these projects in achieving SLM, as well as experiences and lessons learned. The book, titled "Land for Life: Securing Our Common Future," delves into various land sustainability programs in various countries around the world, exploring topics such as food security, livelihood assets, safeguarding water resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation, conserving biodiversity, and avoiding deforestation. In the section on food security, the book advocates improving crop and livestock productivity through diversifying farms in countries such as India and Malaysia. In terms of livelihood assets, the book explores programs integrating high-value trees in rural landscapes to generate income and increase biodiversity in Burkina Faso. On climate change, the book looks at programs to secure investment and income opportunities that arise from carbon sequestration and enhancing carbon stocks, as well as at climate change adaptation through SLM in the Pacific Islands. The book conveys how SLM practices are helping shape a sustainable future, also how human ingenuity is largely driving innovations in soil, land, water, and vegetation management around the world

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