Moser Baer Solar Limited

This is primarily a Solar Panel Production Company which has recently made a big bet to get into the Power Production Space as well.Moser Baer Projects Private in which the Blackstone Group made a $300 million bet has plans of a 20:80 mix of Green and Dirty Power. Company Overview: Established in 1983 in New Delhi, Moser Baer is one of India’s leading technology companies. Moser Baer's flagship company, Moser Baer India Limited (MBIL) has successfully developed cutting edge technologies to become the world’s second largest manufacturer of optical storage media. Moser Baer Solar Limited erstwhile PV Technologies India Limited is a subsidiary of MBIL and were launched between 2005 and 2007 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy. We have leveraged our core competencies in high volume manufacturing of optical media products to create a world class photovoltaic manufacturing facility. Our strategy is to straddle multiple technology platforms and to drive scale to be able to drive down the costs of the technology and make it more affordable to consumers globally. Global presence with products sold in more than 82 countries Present across the entire value chain and investments in multiple PV technologies A combination of advanced technology & low cost manufacturing expertise, with fully automated production facilities ensures top quality products Current production capacity of 100 MW Crystalline Cells, 90 MW Crystalline Modules, and 50 MW Thin Films with expansion plans in place We also have an initial capacity of a few megawatts in Concentration PV, which is being rapidly developed for the market and has great cost reduction potential Products meet international standards including UL, IEC, ETL, CE Strong commitment to R&D and innovation

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