Nepal Water Conservation Foundation

NWCF is a non-governmental, non political and not-for-profit organization conducting interdisciplinary research on interrelated issues that affect the use and management of water with specific focus on the Himalaya-Ganga region. The foundation was reincorporated with the District Administration Office Kathmandu in 2000 meeting the governmental requirements. Since its establishment, the foundation has dedicated its focus to generate and disseminate knowledge on water management through research, publications and engagement in public dialogues. It has also sought to address emerging challenges and ever changing educational needs of water management. NWCF works with local communities as well as with organizations at local, national, regional and international levels. Vision NWCF envisions a world where the current needs for water are met without compromising the rights of the future generations and nature. Mission NWCF’s mission is to improve understanding of the water and its intrinsic function in human society and nature through interdisciplinary research, sharing and dissemination, and capacity building of younger professionals. The aim is to evolve such ethos into institutions that analyze water issues at regional and international scales Competence Well-known nationally and internationally and looked upon at large as the knowledgeable and effective research organization, NWCF maintains its status by focusing on three primary areas of: Research and training Publications; and Maintaining information source and repository of gray literature NWCF pursues cutting-edge research, dissemination and training. Our commitment to provide high quality services in a socio-culturally relevant environment is unmatched and has earned us the reputation of a leading research organization on water resources. Our research is focused on finding solutions to emerging problems of resource management combining democratic ethos with traditional values. NWCF organizes conferences, seminars, and public debates focused on issues that matter to a larger community of resource managers, policy makers, and academicians. Our trainings are designed to be a complete learning experience with a combination of presentations with interactive exercises, case studies, group discussions and lectures. We also train water users to develop their proposals for effective water management. NWCF is involved in generating knowledge, raising awareness and disseminating insights through innovative actions carried out in partnership with its field partners. NWCF shares its research findings through education and advocacy with a specific focus on capacity building both of the upcoming generation as well as of disadvantaged groups. At the local level, NWCF helps strengthen institutional capacity of community and civil society groups for informed participation in decision-making processes. It supports initiatives of building capability of young professionals to analyze issues related to resource management, thus creating a pool of interdisciplinary analytical expertise. The staffs working at NWCF are qualified with extensive field experiences nationally, regionally and internationally.

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