Water & Energy Users' Federation- Nepal

WAFED is an independent national network of people affected by water and energy projects as well as of local concerned groups in Nepal. Some of its members are individual activists engaged in the field of human rights, environment, development and climate change in Nepal and internationally. WAFED is governed by a general assembly that meets once a year. Its day-to-day activities are run and implemented by an elected Executive Committee of 9 to 15 members representing various project-affected areas and campaigns. All the Secretariat work and campaign activities have been managed by a group of volunteers from a range of disciplines and training. WAFED is a part of various regional and international network such as the Himalayan and Peninsular Hydro-ecological Network (HYPHEN) and the International Committee of Dams, Rivers and Peoples (ICDRP). It is also a Forum Member of the Dams and Development Project of UNEP and one of the most active members of the Nepal's National Task Force on Dams and Development. WAFED is currently the secretariat of Himalayan and Peninsular Hydro-ecological Network (HYPHEN). Objectives Campaign for access to affordable, clean drinking water and electricity for all Nepalis as a basic human right Oppose destructive dams Ecological conservation, environmental protection and climate justice Work for the trusteeship of all natural resources to be in the hands of local communities and/or public in opposition to the privatisation of these resources for profit

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