Centre for Renewable Energy (CRE)

Estd in 1992, the Center for Renewable Energy (CRE) is a non-governmental and non- profit making organisation (NGO) which brings together professionals and people who believe in the generation and optimum utilisation of renewable energy and appropriate technology. The Centre believes that harnessing renewable energy and utilising appropriate technology hold promise for achieving sustainable development and economic prosperity of the common people. Clean energy is the future of mankind and CRE is the forum setup to exchange the ideas, debate, research and analyse the possibilities of harnessing this clean energy. CRE studies, plans, designs and promotes efficient generation and utilisation of renewable energy and appropriate technology as well as innovative means for conserving energy. In doing so, the Centre encourages the use of existing resources (expertise and materials) and liaises with regional and international agencies/organisation to share information on available appropriate RETs and on the possibilities of adaptation and transfer to specific local conditions. The long term goal of CRE is to assist the nation to maximise the use of sustainable appropriate renewable energy technology and environmentally friendly energies such as solar PV, solar thermal, wind, pico-hydro, bio-mass, bio-gas etc.