Resource Centre Network Nepal (RCNN)

A network of organisations involved in water, sanitation and hygiene sector, which intends to facilitate the sharing of information and promote the use thereof to improve the performance of the sector as a whole. The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Resource Centre Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN) in association with Nepal Library Association (NLA) organised a training workshop on Information Management for decentralised WASH Resource Centres from 25-27 December 2011. Eleven participants responsible for managing decentralised WASH Resource Centres participated in the training. The main objective of the training was to strengthen information management capacity of resource centres for increased learning and sharing at decentralised level. The training covered different aspects of information management such as sourcing information, documentation (classification and indexing), packaging and dissemination through conventional and web based social media. Overall, this training helped participants to have a better understanding on why information management is required and has helped to enhance the skills for better acquisition and dissemination of information.