The global water crisis: addressing an urgent security issue

The global water crisis: addressing an urgent security issue

This report by InterAction Council warns that diminishing water supply across the world poses security & development risks. Says that water demand in India & China will run out of supplies in two decades & calls for upgradation of the water infrastructure.

The UN University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and InterAction Council (IAC), along with the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, have published a report calling for the UN Security Council to take stronger action on water issues. “The Global Water Crisis: Addressing an Urgent Security Issue” presents the outcomes of a May 2011 meeting of IAC, and outlines steps in the Québec Declaration on the World Water Crisis, which resulted from that meeting. Calling the water crisis one of this generation’s largest challenges, the report addresses a range of issues including: water impacts on energy security, water and environmental security; water and climate change; human development approaches to water security; water, sanitation, hygiene and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); water and food security; women’s participation in water security; and the human right to water. The report concludes that solving the global water crisis is possible.

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