Precariously perched

THERE may be hope yet for the swiftlet, a small Indian bird found only in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, which is in danger of becoming endangered. TRAFFIc-India. a branch of Twmc-international is in the midst of a report which It hopes will push the Union government into quick action to save the swiftlet. The need for action on a warfooting Is obvious given that the bird is not protected by any of the international anti-poaching conventions or even under the Indian Wildlife Act.

The totally whim 111 swiftlet which is an important Chinese cuisine and pharmacy. Is anywhere between $2,500and $4,000 kg in Hong Kong where Odom tremendous dernand.- says It Ranjit Talwar, chief of Traft-6 Talwar points out that raq destruction of nests over the lea years has led to a depletion hn ulation of the swiftlet by ow so cent. "This is indication emovo something must be done fan to this species," he says.

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