Useful but expensive

"Your best choice for drinks industry news, analysis and research,' is how this website introduces itself. Truly so, for the site provides the latest information on the drink industry: carbonated beverages, alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine, and hot beverages such as coffee and tea are covered here. Besides, the research store of the website puts together reports generated by the beverage industry. Country-wise data is available for 27 countries, including India.

The page on India contains downloadable, and priced, reports such as India Food and Drink Report - Q-3 2004; Fruit/Vegetable Juice in India; Bottled Water in India; Soft Drinks Review-India 2003/2004. Similar research reports are available for other countries. The website also has projection reports for the growth of various products in the drinks industry. For instance, the report, A global market review of premium beer - with forecasts to 2010 , provides projection on the global and regional beer industry.

Another useful report, WTO and its impact on the global drinks industry , makes for a good reading. Interestingly, apart from providing trends of alcohol industry, this website also covers events such as Second European Forum for Responsible Drinking that was recently held to discuss drinking habits of Europe's young people and associated alcohol abuse. The wealth of data on the website is indeed very useful. But alas, downloading reports is expensive: between US $300 to US $700!

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