Fazilka ecocab: case study

Ecocab is a new name given to traditional rickshaw operation by improving its accessibility and quality.With an idea to strengthen existing unorganized network of cycle rickshaw as a post modern technology in the area of Intermediate Public Transport System for the Fazilka. Five Ecocab call centers are established within the city mainly north, south, east, west and central to provide dial-a-rickshaw facility. Each centre is serving almost 1500 households. To cut down the vehicle out time, these centers are strategically placed along with the network of 20 feeder sub centre so that after a phone call within 10 minutes Ecocab shall reach to desired location. This is mainly to facilitate household trips based trip to stop increase desired of personal motorised trip within the city; average trip length in the city is less than 3km, so it was easy to promote cycle based intermediate public transport system. At present fleet of 500 registered traction men are self employed under Fazilka Ecocab project.